NOTICE (2022-10-16):

Deliantra has (physically) moved its resources to a new server. The test server is down for the time being, but everything else should work fine.

Welcome to the World of Deliantra!

Deliantra is a thrilling MMORPG in a retro, pixel art world where magic and monsters abound.

Deliantra is free to download, and free to play. There aren't any premium accounts, and you don't have to pay money to get decent equipment. This free software (some say 'open source') game was built by players like you, and is made available free of charge because we love to play it, and hope that you will too. Please continue your tour of Deliantra by clicking on the arrows above.

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Recent News:


The secondary disk, which stores deliantra data, is failing and wasn't talkative for a few hours. We were able to bring it back up and compared the data with the back up - no data apparently was lost, and the server is back up. A replacement disk is on it's way.

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