The Deliantra MORPG Client

This is the Deliantra client which was written from scratch in Perl with C bindings to SDL/OpenGL. It was written to have a more immersive overall gameplay and to base as ground to implement new features.


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Building notes:

If you want to build the client from source you are mostly on your own. You might have success trying the CPAN shell and giving the command install Deliantra::Client. Otherwise you are encouraged to checkout the CVS that is linked to on the Contribute Page.


2010-04-25 Version 2.11: Spell list has been rearranged to show more interesting information and worked around some music related crashes.

2010-01-15 Version 2.10: Fixed the blending of the fog of war.

2009-12-22 Version 2.09: The fog of war and lighting transitions are now smooth. Also the fog of war texture is customizable now and a crash with bad user input in the "Host" field has been fixed.

2009-12-05 Version 2.06: The Apple/NVIDIA font problem has finally been fixed! Also some other OpenGL driver bugs have a work around now.

2009-09-16 Version 2.05: The command completer algorithm has been improved by marcmagus. Thanks for the contribution! Also a small bugfix for a crash in the audio engine has been added.

2009-04-26 Version 2.04 is a small bugfix and feature enhancement release of the client. A Japanese font is included with the distribution now and a workaround of the incompatible ABI change in pango (font engine) has been implemented. Another bugfix related to connecting to the server went into the windows release.

2009-01-15 First release in the new year, version 2.03 comes with a many changes in the GUI. For example the auto pickup toggle has been moved into a checkbox to the top of the main window. The configuration is now saved automatically on exit. Shimmering during smooth scroll has been reduced a lot and some displaying bugs have been fixed in the inventory. More workarounds which make the client more stable on broken OSes were also implemented.

2008-12-26 The Chrismas release of version 2.02: Hidden mapspaces are marked visually by a question mark and are made as bright as the darkest mapspaces. A crash has been fixed when the user clicks on the map during login. New tips of the day have been introduced. And more minor stability and visual fixes.

2008-12-12 Version 2.01: The client tutorial has been rewritten, to match the GUI changes of the last months. The random switching between message window tabs when a new tab was opened has been fixed. Fixed minor displaying bugs of the speech bubble of NPCs and other minor things.

2008-12-05 Version 2.0: Last minor fixes round up the version 2.0 of our client: The Log window can't be closed anymore by Alt+x, Also wont Alt+x or other Message window operations crash the client anymore directly after startup. Also the invisible/cached parts of the map are darkened even more, so that invisibile parts can be distinguished from dark parts better.

2008-11-09 Version 0.9978: Some minor fixes: The healthbar is now correctly smoothly moved. Own text in NPC dialogues are emphasized now. A crash bug in the macro dialogue has been fixed. The tooltips in the Mesage Window tabs are updated correctly now. And Alt+x won't let Message Window tabs disappear for ever anymore.

2008-09-29 Version 0.9977: A race condition has been fixed that could lead to client freezes or crashes on login, especially on slower systems. The smooth movement is no longer choppy. The default font for messages is now a (hopefully nicer looking) proportional font. Text display has been tweaked. The client no longer makes unnecessary screen refreshes and uses less CPU time.

2008-09-05 Next version of the client: 0.9976 comes with many fixes for Mac OS X, like some fixed keyboard issues on OS X. Improved the protocol with compression and fragmentation, leading to more efficent bandwidth usage. Implemented crash diagnostics, which are sent to the server, for easier debugging. Important fix with the default resolution, which was too small. Added theming support, with some basic themes. And some other minor fixes all over the place.

2008-08-27 Version 0.9975 comes with a small fix with the initial resolution and a carification of the weight/value autopickup option. There is also a Mac OS X port available now of the client!

2008-08-01 Version 0.9974 comes with smooth scrolling for player movements, workaround for a possible OpenGL slowdown, and other small fixes and enhancements.

2008-07-07 Some minor fixes and features: IPv6 support, chat tabs have tooltips again and converted to a new non-blocking API. Also fixed the CPAN distribution.

2008-05-23 Next release: 0.9972. The map cache has been extended a bit to store more map changes (fixes some minor bugs). Fixed some crashbugs when the client is logged out and some UI elements were used. The server XML format is now also supportet in item tooltips. The keyrepeats are ignored now in some conditions. And crashes when the map cache is corrupted are now prevented. Also the client configuration is now stored in pretty printed JSON.

2008-05-05 Long time no release, but now we got some fixes for you: Some issues with the default sort order have been sorted out, some tooltips were fixed, a long standing bug with the stats tab being empty has been resolved and some GUI fixes have been done. Also the pseudo-items are now only shown in the inventory and not the floorbox. Have fun!

2008-03-30 Release of version 0.9970: Reduced documentation memory usage, fixed the stat gauge tooltips that have gone missing since 0.9966. Fixced a grave bug with tile id allocation, which effectively disabled the tile cache. And last but not least: The NPC Dialogs have also been fixed.

2008-03-24 Release of version 0.9967 of the Client: A memory leak was fixed where the messages in the message window were kept for ever and the client consumed more and more memory. The highlighting of the chattabs is now red and not blue. The history handling of the chat input will now not erase the typed input if the down cursor key is pressed. A keyboard modifier display has also been implemented, (for example to signal whether numlock is on, which caused problems under windows). Also a bug with the layout font under windows has been fixed.

2008-01-19 Another release of the Client, version 0.9965: Some bugs have been fixed: A race condition was found in the database access and a bug which crashed the client with nvidia drivers has been fixed. Some minor bugs in the GUI, the message fontsize and chatbox label padding, have also been fixed.

2008-01-06 First release in the new year, version 0.9963: Among the changes are some minor bugfixes, optical tweaks and performance improvements on the GUI. Some to the user invisible changes were improvements of the server side widgets and a reimplementation of the message window to allow to undock chats from the central message window in future releases.

2007-12-25 Released version 0.9960 with some important fixes in the item animations and GUI code, along with an API update to a more recent EV version the documentation had some minor improvements. And last but not least the face loading consumes less CPU. too.

2007-12-09 Released version 0.9959, main changes were a bugfix of the audio-jingle playing (sometimes a jingle was played repeatedly if there was no server-provided music available). Also some debugging hooks were added and the code was updated to follow API changes in some of the modules used.

2007-11-27 Released version 0.9956, main changes were an improved event loop for better performance and compatibility under windows, and the server list has been disabled due to problems with activestate perl.

2007-11-03 Released version 0.9955, Main changes were adjustment of the default resolution (to 800x600) and making fullscreen the default. The widget extension system was also officially enabled.

2007-10-14 Released a new binary. Main feature: Rename to 'Deliantra'.

2007-09-02 Finally! We released a non beta version of the client. The version 0.99 is considered mostly stable and playable now. Changes from the last release are: Better compatibility with OpenGL drivers, better face caching, background music and spatial sound effects, more default keymappings and the item descriptions are in the tooltips now (eg. in the inventory).

2007-05-09 Big news! There is a Linux binary now too! Get it and play with it! :-)

2007-04-24 Next windows beta with following changes is out: Better character creation dialog and item descriptions in the inventory are now in the tooltip rather than spread over the message window.

For older news look at the bottom of this page.


These are the features that are already implemented and work (minus bugs).



News archive

2007-04-22 Another windows beta has been released: A problem with map-ghosting was fixed and other bugs werde fixed. Also a texture cache workaround for buggy opengl drivers was implemented (which could reduce the memory leak inside the driver).

2007-04-14 Another windows beta has been released: Support for smoothing on crossfire+ servers has been implemented along with the support for the large 64x64 tileset!

2007-01-25 Next beta released to the world: loads of bugfixes, added 'bind apply ...' to the context menu of the inventory, improved local database handling, rework of the whole keybindings (much easier now!).

2006-12-03 Released next beta, further bug fixes. Pickup flesh has been implemented too.

2006-11-07 Another beta release: The off-by-one bug in the map displaying has finally been found and fixed! This hopefully also fixes other problems with the map :) Have fun and please tell us about your experience with the CFPlus client!

2006-09-29 New beta is out! Changes: minor bugfixes, added documentation and a 'tip of the day' dialog.

2006-09-21 Another update of the cfplus.exe is online now. Changes: Fix in the NPC speech bubble code.

2006-09-20 And again: A new CFPlus beta is out! The ghosts on maps have been fixed, along with other minor bugfixes. NPC speech bubbles were also added!

2006-08-14 A new CFPlus beta is out! Healthbars are in!!! Players and Monsters now have a healthbar on top of them, which shows their actual health status. This renders the 'probe' spell mostly useless, but we will find other ways to replace it!

2006-08-14 The next CFPlus beta release is out!: Inscription and renaming shortcuts have been added to the Inventory. The interface got line frames to be more eye pleasing. On top of that the documentation browser has been greatly improved and the documentation improved also a bit. And other minor stuff has been implemented and fixed.

2006-07-30 The long awaited beta release! The last bugs we wanted to fix and features we wanted to add are done and CFPlus is ready for the first more serious testings. Please make sure to read the documentation and the tooltips if there is something not yet clear. Although the documentation is far from complete at the moment, it might be helpful.

2006-07-24 Lots of detail work was done now, and there are still some minor issues that need to be cleared until the client is ready for a beta release. We were working mainly on the documentation the last two days. There is light on the end of the tunnel.

2006-07-03 Finally: The alpha release! Lots has changed since 2006-06-12 and we are happy to present the first test release!

2006-06-12 The new NPC dialog system has been added, and character creation helper dialogs. Along with many other bugfixes and improvements.

2006-06-02 Added pickup configuration. The window titles work again and some other bugs and enhancements went into the gui toolkit. Shift-middle click lock/unlocks items in inventory now. First version of the spell dialog is in and a context menu item has been added to the inventory to allow to get/drop a specified count of items.

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