Want to Contribute to Deliantra?

Do you have a new idea you want to implement? Want to make a new monster? Or a new map? Are you an artist and want to make some nice artwork or graphics? Then you are on the right page!

Some things you have to bear in mind:

What to contribute?

It might help if you talk to other developers, for example on the IRC channel, to get an idea of what might be needed most at the moment or what isn't currently needed that much. We can't tell you what to do, but we could help you to find ideas of what to do.

If you are not familiar with the code or don't want to contribute code to Deliantra, here is a list what things you could do:

Aside from all that, you can checkout the entire source code from our CVS, get familiar with it and try to find and fix bugs and/or implement other kinds of improvements.

How to contribute?

If you finished some nice maps/graphics/whatever, you should contact the developers. They will help you getting your work into the CVS and online on the game server. You can either send what you have made to support@deliantra.net or you ask for CVS access.

You can also contact the developers. See the Contact page.

Development Resources

Development Tutorials

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