The Latest Deliantra Development News


The secondary disk, which stores deliantra data, is failing and wasn't talkative for a few hours. We were able to bring it back up and compared the data with the back up - no data apparently was lost, and the server is back up. A replacement disk is on its way.


The windows client binary has been updated with libSDL 1.2.14, which brings a number of bugfixes for windows. The OS X binary has also been updated to work around the ever increasing DLL hell on, well, OS X, which might fix problems on Lion.


Recently some players created some nice videos about Deliantra and uploaded them to YouTube. See the trailer on the frontpage above. On YouTube you can find them on SuperRoger008's channel. Also LetsPilz uploaded some nice videos that show the gameplay of Deliantra: Lets Show Deliantra Part 01 and Lets Show Deliantra Part 02.


Last weeks real life crept in and kept some of the main developers a bit busy. But there are still (many) changes going on: A recent change has been that the "remove curse", "remove damnation" and "identify" spells now actually allow you to mark the item you want to identify first. The spells have recently been a bit broken but are fixed now. Have fun, and think if you might want to help us and want to contribute!

The random map generator got also quite a bit of love, and expect to see more interesting random maps in the future!


A milestone has been reached, we released the version 3.0 of the server today. It comes with a very long list of changes, many user visible changes and many more non visible quality improvements. Check it out!


News for the server: luck does affect gameplay again. For example: If you have negative luck you will have less luck with chance based things in Deliantra in future. Also the low values of wands and scrolls have been fixed. On top of that the shop menus display the prices for the items in the shop now. Note: Server related changes will only take effect with the next server update. You might have to wait a few days until these changes take effect.


The website has been redesigned. Thanks go to Dustfinger for the nice new webdesign and some new texts!

News for the server: The jeweler skill balancing has been changed a bit, it's cheaper now but also requires higher levels for some things. Also expect some problems with exits, they have been changed a bit in the last days. If you stumble accross something don't hesitate to contact us. Note: Server related changes will only take effect with the next server update. You might have to wait a few days until these changes take effect.

Today we also release the version 2.11 of the client. Get it on the Download page (and don't forget to checkout the changes on the Client page)!


We are rearranging travelling across the world in Deliantra. For orientation you can take a look at This travel map. Additionally to the routes described there you can find a special travel service in the meeting room of the post offices that closely connects Scorn, Darcap and Navar by a teleportation service.


Time for a server release, version 2.93 of the server, maps and archetypes can be downloaded here!


Both game- and testserver have been migrated to a new machine during the last week. The new machine is located in Amsterdam and should slightly decrease network latency for most people, especially those far away.


The client version 2.10 has been released! Test it!


Server version 2.92 chrismas release! Get the release here!


The client version 2.09 has been released! Test it!


Long time no client release, here comes version 2.06 where some OpenGL Driver problems were fixed. Have fun while Playing!


Server release of version 2.91. Get the release here!


Server version 2.90 release. Many maps have been added and the license has been cleared up, download the server here.


Server version 2.82 has been released, after some major crash bugs and security issues and some new maps you can fetch the new server here!


And another server release. This time a new contributor has submitted some code and fixes, thanks go to marcmagus! Get version 2.81 here!


Released the server version 2.80. Some major bufixes were done, download server here.


Heads up! Here comes the next client release, version 2.05 has been prepared and is ready for you to Play with! For changes see the Client page.


Next server release is out now, version 2.79. Major bugfixes went into this release: download server here.


The main server went offline again today for 1-2 hours due to a network card failure. It should be back up now and you can continue to Play!


The main server went missing in action for an unknown reason this morning. In the meanwhile we moved to a backup server. So the website might not be 100% functional (w.r.t. player list), but you can play as normal on the server. The transition back to the main server will be seamless.

Client version 2.04 was released, consisting mostly of bugfixes and different font management: Play now!


Long time no release! So here is the server version 2.78. It comes with some bugfixes and minor feature improvements (such as new faces for some player classes!). See server download.


Server version 2.77 has been released with some minor feature enhancements. See server download.


Server version 2.76 has been released, coming with completely rewritten and rebalanced lamps and torches. See server download.


Client version 2.03 was released. The biggest highlight are rearrangements in the GUI. Get it and Play now!


Server release 2.75: Further feature improvements and bugfixes. Map scripts have been implemented finally! See: server download


Server release 2.74: Many important changes were made, for example on the line of sight algorithm, the darkness/light handling, and monsters were made a bit smarter. For more details see: server download


Version 2.02 Client Christmas release! Don't wait and visit the Christmas Trees in Scorn and Play now! This time an experimental Debian GNU/Linux AMD64 binay is provided!


Version 2.73 of the server has been released, which is considered a very stable release with many bugfixes. See server download for more details.


Version 2.01 of the client, which comes with a new client tutorial and some minotr fixes, has been released. Play now!


Version 2.0 of the client has been released, after a period of fixing many small bugs a major stability release is now done. Enjoy the game and play now!


The version 2.72 of the server has been released, see server download for more details.


Next client release with some minor bugfixes: version 0.9978. Test it and play now!


We fixed a long standing bug in the anvils in the armour shops. You can once again convert your dragon scales to armour. We also considerably changed the spell level balancing. Have fun, and play now!


Another client release: version 0.9977. See client page for more details about the changes or just try it out and play now!


A server release: major bugfixes (version 2.71) see server download for more details.


Due to a server crash the server was offline for 10 hours today. Being the longest downtime in the history of the server. It's up and running again now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


A server release: minor feature enhancements and bugfixes (version 2.7) see server download for more details.


Client version 0.9976 has been released, Try it now!


The client version 0.9975 has been released, the major highlight is the port to Mac OS X! Play now!


A server release: minor bugfixes (version 2.61) see server download for more details. Also notice the new Deliantra development VM!


Another client release which comes with some minor fixes and smooth scrolling! Get version 0.9974 and play now!


Another client release which comes with some minor fixes, get version 0.9973 and play now!


A server release: minor bugfixes (version 2.56) see server download for more details.


The game server is now officially available in the global IPv6 network, the next-generation internet (and will hopefully be the first retro-style graphical MMORPG there :). The next release of the client will transparently choose between IPv4 and IPv6 when connecting to a server.

Also, a bug in one of the software packages the server relies on has been fixed, which restores fast map loading times (which have been very long recently).


Another server release: some bugfixes and optimisations (version 2.55), see server download for more details.


The client version 0.9972 has been released, mostly bugfixes. play now!


And another server release, many bugfixes and feature enhancements (version 2.54), get it at server download.


Another client release which comes with some bugfixes, get version 0.9971 and play now! Also note that the ordering of the items on the floor might be a bit broken unless you are using this new client!


A new server release, many bugfixes and cleanups (version 2.53), get it at server download.


You can now visit the quest master in his house in Scorn to start (some) new quests and keep track of open ones. Also, detailed death and kill statistics are available from now on for all players: ask the statistician in the city hall for more info.


A new server release, some bugfixes and cleanups (version 2.52), get it at server download.


A new server release, some bugfixes and feature enhancements (version 2.51), get it at server download.


A new server release, which reflects the latest currency changes and many bugfixes (version 2.5), get it at server download.


We changed the currency system a bit, now 100 silver are now 1 gold, 100 gold are 1 platinum and 100 platinum are 1 royalty (or conversely: 200 old royalties make one new royalty, 200 old platinum make one new platinum and 10 old gold make one new gold). All existing money has been converted as appropriate. It's still worth the same as before, just the numbers are smaller. Finally a silver is much more useful. If you got any questions or find anything weird try to contact us either via chat or shout, or even email. (Note that some altars or converters might ask for the "old" amount, but will react to the "correct" amount, this will be fixed over the coming weeks).


Another big bugfix release for the client, play now!


The next client release: major bugfixes and minor feature enhancements, try it out at play now.


A new server release, which reflects the latest balancing changes (version 2.42), get it at server download.


Balancing changes: attuned and repelled now result in 8 levels of difference, rather than 2 as before, also, the experience table ahs been drastically reshaped to be easier below level 50 and harder above level 60. The latter has been done because levels 10 to 20 were too hard, and therefore the biggest changes can be found in that range.

Your levels will be adjusted automatically when you log-in next, don't panic, no experience will be lost!


A server release with some minor feature enhancements (version 2.41), get it at server download.


The second release of the client this year (version 0.9965), get it at play now.


The server (version 2.4) has been released, get it on the server download page.


First release in the new year of the client (version 0.9963), see play now.


Released a new client (version 0.9960) with some bugfixes, get it on play now.


Released a new client (version 0.9959), get it on play now


Released next version (2.31) of the deliantra server engine, major crashbugs have been fixed. See also server download.


Due to some vandalism in the player shop we restored it to the state of today 16:00 CEST. If you lost any valuable items please contact the dungeon masters!


A new client version (0.9955) has been released. Get it on the play now page.


Grand reopening of the website, with a much nicer, more atmospheric layout. Enjoy!


Both our servers have silently been removed from the Crossfire metaservers, without advance notice (or even an explanation). But that's the ways of the Crossfire developers: if you can't convince with quality, try to shut them down by other means... If you use gcfclient and have difficulties to connect, enter instead of a server number at the server prompt, or start gcfclient like "gcfclient".


CFPlus version 0.99 has been released, which is a major upgrade. Compared to the alpha version, some features have been deliberately disabled (chat windows for example) as the functionality is not yet stable. However, compared to 0.98, it brings vastly increased video driver compatibility, item description tooltips, the npc chat dialog window, better key handling and last not least server-provided sound effects and background music. This version has been simultaneously released as Windows and GNU/Linux x86 binaries, as well as source packages on CPAN. Enjoy!


Diseases have been reworked and rebalanced. The biggest visible effect will be missing superpowers due to underflow effects, a more even spread of disease effects (and thus more evenly spread cpu load) and a lower infection range. Also, the server now loads all maps asynchronously (before it sometimes had to load tiled maps synchronously, occasionally pausing the server, creating lag).


There has been lots of work on the audible part of Crossfire TRT. We've found free (as in speech and beer) music and sounds which are being integrated into the game. The server uploads the music and sounds to the client now. A nice graphical worldmap is also available which opens a window in CFPlus when applied and will show your posistion in the world (when you are on the worldmap). A hint framework has also been implemented to provide the player with useful information and maybe even spoilers. Hints can be deactivated on demand. Cauldrons which have slag stuck in them can be cleaned with the new Slag EX(tm), you will find it in alchemy and potion shops. There also has been a major speed up in the latency of commands. All commands, like for example movement, have now a noticeable lower latency. Try it out! Shop greed and appoval has been rebalanced and now will yield more reasonable prices. And last but not least: Players can have genders now!


Finally, after much testing, the die-on-log-out code has been enabled. Now, if you disconnect without using a savebed and the map resets and you were logged out for too long, you will die. Always use a savebed. On the brighter side, the server now supports per-area and per-map background music. Already two hours of music are available. For this to work you currently need the CVS version of CFPlus, but a general release of CFPlus is to be expected soon.


Moved Crossfire TRT to a mix of GPL version 3 and Affero license. Together with the new sourcecode command, this will avoid the danger of Companies or People locking up improvements behind a server. As minor changes, the server now supports hint messages and a new hintmode command, as well as much better message formatting capabilities.


The nexus after character creation has been nuked and replaced by a tutorial map which was posted on the crossfire mailing list long ago (with some changes). Town portal scrolls are now available in shops and elsewhere. A non-visible change was a rework of the archetype code (keep an eye on weird behaviour and drop us a mail if you find anything :-).


The server maimnboard died and has been replaced. The root disk also died and has not been replaced and for various reasons we have a shortage of disks in the server now, which leads to crossfire freezing sometimes due to I/O starvation on the machine (which is doing heavy stuff). This will be rectified ince the replacement disks have been installed and crossfire has, once more, its own disk.


Due to an accident, the main server files have been copied to the backup server, overwriting player files, nuking most progress in the last day. We are deeply sorry and will tar and feather the culprit :(


Town portal has been changed into a real town portal - casting it creates a portal to the nearest town that anybody can use, transfering him/her to the nearest town, and back. Town portals will last at least 20 minutes.


Large changes to the range slot, weapon logic and attack speed logic have been made. You now have a range slot for ranged attacks (shift-direction) and a combat slot for direct attacks (run, walk). rotateshoottype togggles between the two. Bows are now treated as full weapons, so attacktype, damage bonuses and other attributes are applied to your arrows now, making bows much more useful.


A relatively portable GNU/Linux x86 (and amd64) binary release of the client has been made. It only relies on glibc-2.3 and the X libraries.


The windows binary for CFPlus was wrongly linked against msvcr80.dll. This and a few other bugs have been fixed and the windows version should work quite fine again.


Lots of updates: the server now enables facecaching with gcfclient remotely; weird monster and trap behaviour (e.g. bloodwell) has been fixed; shop inventories sign work again; sanctuary and counterwall now no longer remove floortiles and last not least archetypes and treasurelists can now be dynamically reloaded without freeezing or restarting the server (and of course a lot of other minor stuff has been fixed). Enjoy!


The Crossfire2 project has been renamed to Crossfire TRT (on request by the Crossfire 1.x developers). See also the FAQ about the TRT.


The Crossfire+ project has been renamed to Crossfire2 (on request by the Crossfire 1.x developers).


The playershop problem has been identified and fixed as a bug in JSON::XS. Also, the new highly-detailed 64x64 faceset is now officially online. The CVS version of CFPlus supports the 64x64 graphics, as well as the new bandwidth-conservative smoothing protocol.


We were struck by another loading error in the Tradeshop/Playershop map again and had to get a backup from yesterday morning. If any of your belongings were lost please inform the DMs (see contact information on this website).


Due to a loading error in the Tradeshop/Playershop map we had to restore the Tradeshop from last days morning. If any of your belongings were lost please inform the DMs (see contact information on this website).


The server harddisk developed problems. Crossfire was moved to another disk. Everything could be salvaged except the users Curly and Lysen. Please contact a dm in case the restored backup is not appropriate.


The sky2 driver that seems to have caused all the recent crashes has been replaced by the sk98lin driver which might improve stability.


The bad news is that the server was down for almost 10 hours due to a kernel crash. But the good news is that the very likely cause has been identified: the gigabit network card. We will change the hardware config to use a different card within the coming days.


The protocol has changed. The new protocol is still compatible with crossfire clients, but image caching is now mandatory. The reason for this change was the upcoming introduction of the 64x64 faceset, as well as getting around bugs and stupidities in cf/gcfclient/2's image handling. Make sure you have image caching enabled (you need to reconnect after changing it).


Lots of work has been done on the instability issues. We also have a server release page now!


The main server crashed with a hardware problem. Crossfire was moved to the backup server without any problems. Unfortunately, when the main server came back some helpful soul started the backup process again, which in turn backed up the (outdated) playerfiles from the main server to the backup server running crossfire. This had the effect of replacing all player data with the version just before the crash, so up to ~20 hours of gameplay might be lost.


A rather serious bug in Debian GNU/Linux caused serious filesystem corruption on the server, which we are still in the process of repairing. The player data will be restored to the last 15-minute backup at 01:28 UTC, which hopefully was before the corruption. If you experience any data loss, please contact the dms at


The landbridge to the continent south to the navar continent has been removed an replaced by a ship from navar (it's the ship to 'Valleynoy'). The jeweler skill has also been completed a bit more and a quest is being build (but not completed yet) on the continent south to the navar continent to guide players through the new jeweler skill.


A number of balancing changes have been applied: charm and other mood change spells only affect visible spaces now (unlike oratory and singing). Scorn is high-security area now, and parts of scorn near the central marketplace do no longer allow pets either. There also was an attempt to fix the face breakage which was introduced some weeks ago. If you still have broken faces you should contact the DMs or better send a mail to


Next CFPlus beta released to the world: loads of bugfixes, added 'bind apply ...' to the context menu of the inventory, improved local database handling, rework of the whole keybindings (much easier now!). Get it here!


The server had a half-catastrohpic hardware fault (a faulty disk that stopped working some time ago now took the complete system down), but the server could be restarted with no loss of data.


It was discovered that the lone town apartments for some players seem not to work correctly. Either they are reset when they enter or items seem to vanish from it when leaving it. If you have this problem please contact the administrators at The maps can be recovered from a backup when the problem is fixed (which might take some days).


Todays server upgrade turned out to be a bit buggy. If you lost any stats while that upgrade please contact us at


This evenings restart introduces some bugfixes, along 2 map bugs and wrongly set treasurelists running into exits was fixed (which teleported the player sometimes to the center of scorn). Summoned monsters don't drop stuff anymore now. Smoothing has been fixed. Artifacts have correct faces again now.


The big rewrite is mostly finished and the server got a major upgrade. Unfortunately the savebeds had to be reset, that means that you won't wake up in your savebeds but in the center of scorn. Please re-apply your favorite bed to reality. Aside that the update should show no other weirdnesses. If you find problems please report them to

The main change was a complete rewrite of the map handling in the server. Maps are now loaded and handled by Perl and are loaded asynchronous now, the player will be placed on a link map (named '{link}') while waiting for the new map to load. Real per-player maps are also possible now.


There is a big internal rewrite in work. The server is currently unstable and might show strange behaviour at the moment. Please be patient and report problems or feedback to


There has been a bug in the building system (player buildable maps) which will remain until the server has been restarted (which will be announced here). The bug made buildable walls unbuildable after builing next to them. If you have a unremovable wall in your apartment please notify the DMs about them to get them fixed.


The network code has been rewritten from the ground up. The new code handles network I/O asynchronously and can handle multiple user commands per tick. As a side effect, the server will not allow you to queue more than five seconds worth of commands, meanign you can never freeze yourself for longer than five seconds by issuing too many commands in a row. Also, random maps will now be correctly saved and restored on server restarts, making restarts just a matter of having to log-in again.


The random weapons have been removed from chests and replaced by wealth (like gems and money). Together with the weapon shop updates it makes weapon shops way more useful/interesting. There also have been added blood puddles to some low level monsters in the CVS, on the next server update (which might be soon) this will also show up. The plan is to adjust most monsters to drop blood after death, for now look our for ie.: goblins, kobolds and orcs! Also further work has been done on the worldmap, soon the worldmap can be generated alone from the png (currently a gimp xcf) and the overlay maps. Last not least, the login should be much faster now. Non (user)visible changes have been: code cleanup, bugfixes and rewrites done by schmorp. And we are on The Linux Game Tome now!


Updates shops in scorn, port joseph, stoneville, santo dominion, navar, wolfsburg and azumaundo to have a higher difficulty, also, implemented better weapons to be sold in shops, according to their difficulty. This should offer players more choice.


Simplify finding a hand-to-hand skill on attacks by using the most recently used skill, allowing users to select their preferred hth skill easily. Also, learning spells is now possible with lower literacy skill than before, for high level skills (before that change it was virtually impossible to learn high level spells).


We increased the required level of Meteor Swarm to 60 because we agreed that level 12 is way too low for a spell as powerful as that. We are planning on lifting the levels for other spells as well. This will be reported on the website. Also, the new flesh pickup mode is available and a crash bug has been workarounded.

And another CFPlus bugfix release look on the download page!


Due to schmorp'S foolishness, we encountered an unplanned one-hour downtime today. Doh. Also, the random ride to Nurnberg was not working, trapping players in dragon hangars. Fixed, thanks to Nioreh who reported it.


A serious exploit in the trade shop has been fixed today, where the sellers account were increased even if the buyer wasn't able to pay for the item. Also, recent logins was fixed, as it didn't show players with a fractional log-out time. Party say's are now shown in green instead of in white and are unique messages.


A new client version has been released. This mostly fixes a long-standing off-by one but for the map view, resulting in misdirected clicks and some monster ghosting. Also, the test server now allows the commands wizlook, reset and teleport (in addition to wizcast, wizpass and goto) for all players, which should greatly help to test maps.


We repaired the recent login page! And on the upper right the count of online players is displayed.


Preview of test server now ready. It runs as, port 24 ( and allows the use of goto, wizcast and wizpass for all users (more to come). Maps can be freely uploaded. The test server has the same users and maps as the normal user, and will be reset every 3 hours.


New CFPlus beta is out. Look at the bottom of the download page to see what changed.


The apartment rent has now been enabled for all known apartments. The one-time entrance fee for new apartments has been lowered considerably. Please note that stopping to rent an apartment will not currently clear its contents it, but will do so in the near future, so do not rely on it. And another client release, look on the download page!


The new apartment shop (and renting system) is now in place for the scorn apartment only. You will not be able to enter until you go to The Apartment shop in scorn and rent the "skorn" apartment. Your existing map stays as you are, no items will be lost. If you are puzzled somehow, look at the chatlog in the FAQ, which might answer some of your questions.


We replaced the RAM and HDD today. Hardware failures are hopefully a story of the past now.


After lots of frustrating crashes and playtesting we identified the remaining corruption-causing code that wasn't following C++ rules and fixed it. So far, the new server seeems stable. As an added benefit, the command documentation for the CFPlus client is now available as server helpfiles (help command) in text format, too, and will be automatically updated on changes.


Yesterday the server kernel froze, we had to reboot the server (which was inaccessible to us for a time). We will likely replace some components that could have caused the crash within the next week.


Major Upgrade: the load/save functionality has been rewritten from scratch: maps load about twice as fast, with some degenerated maps (hi, Saladon) loading five times faster than with the old code, pushing map loading time below the tick time, eliminating freezes due to map loads. String handling has been rewritten from scratch and the server now uses C++ object lifetime management and the glib slice allocator. Help files are now automaticlaly extracted from the CF+ manual. Among lots of other changes... While there should be no big user-visible changes, we do expect some bugs to have crept in due to the massive changes (the source diff is about 3MB in size), so watch out for any weird behaviour.


The work on the worldmap will take a while, expect more terraforming in the next days. If you want to take a look at the current stage of the new world take a look at the World page.


The worldmap has been redone, and is in active development. The new worldmap is hopefully going to be more nice to travel and explore. We also restarted the server due a bug in the save code, if you lost a lot of experience points due a login please tell the DMs!. And the jeweler skill has been activated for testing! The experience gained in the skill is not added to the total experience. Look at the documentation for jeweler_skill, there are no recipes yet, they will follow the next days.


The CFPlus documentation along with the new jeweler skill (the new skill isn't yet online, it will still take a few days until it's user ready) documentation has been prepared for the website, look at the documentation page. Aside from that we prepared some wiki pages about deliantra and Crossfire+ at the Crossfire wiki.

The bug tracker contents has been dumped and can be downloaded as text file on the development page.


Some buggy code in the rewritten connection code caused a lot of crashes this morning, the bug is fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience. Unconnected levers and other devices weren't handled correctly.


We had to take the bug tracker offline, as someone spammed it too much and we are too busy to maintain it and remove all the spam. Please send bugreports to! Changes in the server code: connections can now be handled from Perl (means: you can trigger them and capture events for triggered connections). Small transports (which are only 1 map tile big) have been reimplemented in Perl and should be crash safe now. But their semantics have changed: The transport is no longer a container, it just moves everything that's above it. You can control it like the old ones: apply them and then just move. Also most shops, also the tradeshop, in Scorn got a 'safe ground' upgrade, which should prevent the usage of destructive stuff in them. - Everything is online on the next server restart.


Big change in the code: The extension/plugin API was completly rewritten and offers now a complete new dimension of scripting! But due a bug in the shop code it wasn't possible to sell stuff to shops in the night from 27. to 28., it's fixed again, we are sorry for the breakage! Also it's not possible at the moment to send mails in the imperial post offices, but this will soon also be fixed! Transports are disabled now, as the C implementation caused way too many crashes. We plan to reimplement them in Perl.

If you find other bugs, please report them via mail or to the bugtracker! This will ensure that we find and fix the bugs as soon as possible in our limited time! If anyone misses sales from one of his items please contact the DM.


The server main disk had massive filesystem corruption, so the server crashed and was down this evening. It took a few hours to fix it and now it's back up again. As we have a backup for all the critical files (like your player files) it wasn't fatal. Aside from that you maybe want to take a look at the last screenshot, which shows healthbars in crossfire. The server also has Perl in his core now, which makes it's integration easier.


07:30 CEST Update: The server has been restarted, the first trade shop can be visited in scorn.>


Uploaded some documentation and implemented player trade shops, where player can sell items to other players for a price choosen by the seller. The items will stay in the trade shop for ever. This change has to wait until the next server restart.

The next CFPlus beta release is out!: Inscription and renaming shortcuts have been added to the Inventory. The interface got line frames to be more eye pleasing. On top of that the documentation browser has been greatly improved and the documentation improved also a bit. And other minor stuff has been implemented and fixed.


We finally restarted the server today, the changes from the last two news entrys are now online! We also switched the server (programming) language from C to C++, to be able to use the programming facilities of C++.


Earthwalls block monsters view again! And players don't face back to north after sometime (yes, this was a bug :). A new spelltype has been added, which makes spells implementable in Perl. Everything online on the next server restart.


The heaven town has been uploaded together with the final part of the heaven quest. On top of that the difficulty calculations for maps were adjusted together with the generation of scrolls, rods, wands and staffs, which are now more close to the level difficulty. The post office code has been rewritten in Perl and got extended by some nice features like live notification of arrived mails and mail notification for received packages.


Thanks to the efforts of sliss, all of current cfextended mlab should now be online.


Fixed logout and shutdown code: The server should now properly save both all players and all maps on shutdown, making a restart much less of a problem, as players will be able to continue playing where they left.

On top of that: The long awaited CFPlus beta release! Download! Install! Try out!


Uploaded new screenshots for the client and added some information about the current state of the client, which is quite far and "soon" ready for a beta release. Also added some notes about the history of the Crossfire+ project.


Added many new commands to the dialog system. Added a test of whats possible to the scorn harbour area (shady gambler). Implemented a "seen" command that tells you when a player was last seen. The "say" command is now a little more verbose when the character mentions some keywords.


Implemented new dialog system which allows direct script integration, dialog trees and more. Banks, Valriel, Gorokh and some shops have been converted, IPO and other areas will follow. Also updated forgotten town quest from upstream.


Expanded the magic shops a bit, because monsters don't drop rings or spellbooks anymore.


The network connection was down around 14:00 (CEST) due an power outage at the University of Karlsruhe.


Prices are back where they were a long time ago. Monsters don't drop rings anymore, only gems and money instead. Shops have now a default maximum. Prefetching of player informaiton has been improved. An event system was added for perl. A bug in the bank script has been fixed.


Uploaded a new quest: The mana fountain. It lets you refill empty potions with mana. Scorn has a small extension on the left, where you should search first.


The CF+ OpenGL client now officially entered alpha release stage. Yehaa! What that means is not clear, I guess we now know mostly whats still missing and how the design should look like.


Worked around a buffer overflow on map writing by enlarging the buffer. Players can no longer overflow the buffer, but plug-ins and core code still can, so its not considered a fix.


We replaced some hardware in the server, so we had a few hours downtime this evening. Now there is more RAM for crossfire :-)


Put a bargaining scrolls in the Gem shop in scorn for a low price. So that players can begin levelling bargaining early.


Added a plug-in that asynchronously pre-fetches adjacent maps from disk whenever a player enters a map. This make ist highly probable that maps entered by the player are already in memory and comes at almost no cost (they are loaded into the OS disk cache only). As a net effect, most short freezes due to map loading should be gone.


Rewrote shop pricing considerably: Bargaining has no effect on reckoning anymore, but a much greater effect on prices. Charisma 30 no longer has an artificial penalty. Shop pricing now changes prices from 2% (perfect, not achievable) to 100% difference. The prices have a more dynamic adjustments than the old * 4 factor. Summary: cheap things got cheaper, expensive things got more expensive, and everything became much less random than before. Also reduced the costs of healing and mana potions to an affordable price.


Fixed a bug that sent the server into a tight loop, not responding anymore. This could happen if the player the disarm skill activated multiple traps which for reasons unknown were moved below the player, triggering each other continuously. Traps now longer move below the player but stay where they are.


Greatly reduced experience for playerkills. Disable friendly fire logic in the arena, so you do not have to be hostile anymore just to visit the arena.


Greatly reduced availability of skill scrolls and (to a lesser extent) enchantment scrolls, to enhance class-based gameplay. Also reduced amount of generators in raffle.


Stealing now never yields more exp than the monster has and also reduces monster experience.


After yet another crash (and fix of it) we restarted the server with some minor changes (ghosts drop ectoplasm more often). And the bank script has been added to the last maps.


Added Linux-specific fast timeout code that kicks players out when the client doesn't ack data after 20 seconds. This makes it possible to quickly re-login after a "catastrophic" even such as losing your internet conenction. Also player-stealing between hostile players is possible. The last bank-maps were upgraded to the new bank script and the bank in lonetown was upgraded with new converters. Some undo-bugs were fixed in GCE (the editor) along with a context menu for adding stuff to the inventory to monsters on the map (not yet aviable as binary, but stay tuned or use the CVS).


Extended the scorn bank with a small quest.


(Update) Extended the bank in scorn and fixed the remaining bugs in the bank script (the missing inventory update and the ability to withdraw the whole balance).


Added information page about the new client.

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