How to contact the Dungeon Masters of the game server:

Do you have a problem that needs DM interaction? Or did you find a bug in the Game? Or is someone behaving very bad on the game server? Feel free to contact the dungeon masters:

How to contact the developers of the game:

Do you seek contact to the developers? Do you want to contribute? Do you have questions? suggestions? bugs? Or just want to have a nice chat? Then look here:

Stop! Please make sure that your question isn't covered by a FAQ or Guide in the Guides on the Crossfire Page of the orignial Crossfire project. Some of them still apply to Deliantra. You may also look at the Deliantra documentation.

Meet the Development Team

95% of the client, stuff like: protocol handling, widget toolkit, OpenGL integration, windows build, the map, help viewer, all the cool features and all other stuff the user never sees.

Marc Lehmann

The remaining 5%, stuff like: client theme graphics, (some) dialogs, key bindings, inventory and some 'concept' code

Robin Redeker

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