GDE - Gtk+ Deliantra (Map) Editor

GDE is a map editor for Deliantra.

It is written in Perl and uses Gtk2 as GUI toolkit.


sc/gce.png sc/gce2.png


There is a manual included in GDE. You can reach it via the Help entry in the main window.


For contributors we provide a development VM, which comes with all tools preinstalled, check it out: Deliantra Development VM.

If you are interested in building the editor yourself you might want to checkout the CVS respository of it, which you will find on the Contribute Page.


Please send bug reports, suggestions and ideas to


The Deliantra Development Team:

All of the editor GUI:
Robin Redeker

The Deliantra map handling module and map widget:
Marc Lehmann


30.09.2008 18:00 Linked to the Deliantra Development VM, where the editor is provided in pre-installed form, ready for editing.
17.04.2008 06:48 A new windows version has been uploaded, with a few minor fixes here and there.
14.10.2007 11:48 A better working windows version has been uploaded.
12.08.2007 17:30 Another 1.2 version, no real new features but lots of bugfixes and minor improvements.
14.10.2006 15:13 Released version 1.2 again, rebuild binaries.
9.8.2006 15:13 Released version 1.2, minor bugfixes and features added.
21.4.2006 21:12 Released new binaries of version 1.1, with a bug fixed where the archetypes weren't correctly found when starting GDE.
20.4.2006 11:16 Released new binaries of version 1.1, with two bugs fixed: stack view didn't update correctly under bigtiles and the msg/lore textview in the attribute editor was broken.
20.4.2006 06:40 Released new binaries of version 1.1.
05.4.2006 02:13 Released version 1.1 (Features: Better inventory editor and context menus in map window and pick windows).
02.4.2006 18:20 Released version 1.0 (Features: Type-documentation in attr. editor and autojoining of walls).
29.3.2006 14:40 Released new binaries, where a bug with wall placement was fixed.
26.3.2006 15:00 Released new binaries.
21.3.2006 24:00 Created website for GDE and uploaded version 0.9 (beta)
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